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Upcoming Events

February 28th at noon -- One day shoot, with possible blind draw to follow at CW's!! Please look at the Columbia Area Darts facebook page or the flyer for details. Valentine's Day 2015 Shoot FlyerAny questions contact James Stoy or James Mabie.
Nov 15th at Kwagga's in Columbia - One day shoot with possible National Cricket qualifier to follow on the 16th. More details to follow, pre-registrations to take place in October.
Oct 31 - Nov 2 Ghost on the Coast. $15,000 plus at the Sea Mist resort. Go to for all the information

July 11th, 12th, 13th HotShots Summer Shot at HotShots Sports Bar and Grill in Mooresville, NC

Monsters of the Midlands Pub League plays every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. Click on the Monsters of the Midlands tab above for more info.

Pointless Dart League plays every Wednesday night at Kwagga Sports Pub in Northeast Columbia every Wednesday night at 7:30. Click on Pointless Dart League tab above for more info.

Friday Night Darts every Friday at Kwagga Sports Pub at 7:30. Blind draw format, $5.00 entry fee, double elimination. All are welcome!